NOW ONLINE! The Thai – Swiss Master Artists’ Online Watercolor Art Exhibition.

The wait is finally over! On 1 March 2021, the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern launched the first online watercolor art exhibition “Thai – Swiss Master Artists’ Online Watercolor Art Exhibition on the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Thailand – Switzerland Diplomatic Relations”, which is organized in cooperation with the International Watercolor Society (IWS) – Switzerland and IWS – Thailand.

The exhibition, which brings 43 Thai and Swiss artists to showcase 87 of their masterpieces, comes at an important moment. Apart from being a commemorative event for the 90th anniversary of Thai – Swiss diplomatic relations, the exhibition also aims at supporting the art community during this COVID-19 crisis which has affected the art scenes around the world.

Prior to the launch of the exhibition, the Royal Thai Embassy also organized a watercolor painting demonstration by Mrs. Thanyaphorn Inthahom, a Thai female watercolor artist who is currently President of IWS – Switzerland. Ms. Inthahom gave us a short interview before showing her class by painting the rajapruk flower, which is the national flower of Thailand, in a 30-minute demonstration.

Mrs. Inthahom, who graduated in Fine Arts from the famous Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin or Poh-Chang Academy of Arts in Bangkok, said she loved watercolor painting because “it helped me to be calm like meditation”.

She further explained that watercolor art has become very popular around the word nowadays because it fits very well with the health trend as it is organic and has not strong smell. “You can take it anywhere with you so you can paint and find a peaceful mind from painting anywhere with watercolor. It is recognised as durable art, especially, with new high-tech tools and materials, watercolor paints can last for more than a hundred years, as other art forms.”

The President of IWS – Switzerland extended her invitation to everyone to check out more of her work and of many Thai and Swiss artists on display at this online exhibition. “We intended to organize a physical exhibition but due to COVID-19 crisis, we now have to move the exhibition online. However, the work selected to display in this exhibition is truly masterpieces from both Thai and Swiss artists.”

Although meant as a promotional event for cultural exchanges between Thai and Swiss artists on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Thailand – Switzerland diplomatic relations, viewers who are interested to acquire any of the art work can also inquire directly with IWS – Switzerland.

The Online Watercolor Art Exhibition is now available for viewing here.


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