Mister Loo ─ A trusted partner to ensure Thai People’s accessibility to clean public toilet facilities and health services

“As a young international company headquartered in Switzerland, we are extremly proud to contribute to Switzerland’s leading position as one of Thailand’s largest trading partners. Hence, on behalf of Mister Loo and our regional teams in Switzerland and Thailand, we would like to share our sincere congratulations on the 90th years anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

By continuously expanding our location portfolio in Thailand and investing into the local public sanitary infrastructure, we are looking forward to strengthening the close boundaries of these two nations in the near future and to supporting Thailand in its ambitions to develop its digital landscape into Health 4.0 to improve the the delivery of health services for its inhabitants.” so the Co-Founders of Mister Loo

Andreas Wanner & Dominik Schuler, Co-Founders

Mister Loo is a disruptive public toilet concept in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries offering clean restrooms with state-of-the-art design, high quality sanitary ware, and a smart management dashboard to ensure highest hygiene standards and business excellence at all time.

Since Mister Loo’s inception and its first showcase location at a well-known weekend market in Bangkok in 2015, we have grown our company and created more than 70 full-time jobs in Thailand for both, management team members in our regional office in the heart of Bangkok as well as for cleaning staff at our toilet locations across Thailand. With 45 toilet locations under management and more than 400,000 monthly visitors in Thailand, Mister Loo is an important foreign investor to upgrade the local sanitary infrastructure and a trusted service partner to operate the public toilet facilities for both, government authorities and well as private business partners.   

The current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shown the importance of proper hygiene and cleanliness standards at public venues. With our smart toilet concept enabled by latest software and technology as well as our dedicated trained cleaning staff who is permanently on site during operating hours, we are willing and capable to take over the responsibility to operate the public toilet facilities at the highest hygiene standards to fight against the virus. Equally important, with our health check-up rooms to be integrated in our toilet locations and together with our e-health offering, we will make a significant contribution to Thailand’s initiative to further develop its e-health strategy.

With our ongoing investment into the Thai sanitary infrastructure, Mister Loo will pursue its corporate strategy to have a direct impact on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of good health, well being and clean water & sanitation. On top of Mister Loo’s overall social responsibility and impact, we will use available funding methods such as subsidy of profitability, CSR financing and donations to build a number of free-of-charge toilet modules in Thailand to serve also the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

In addition to Mister Loo’s objective to further improve the prevailing public toilet offering, Mister Loo is fully committed to support the Thai government authorities and local private business partners to mutually fight against the current pandemic and in particular to help Thailand to get access to healthy, fair and safe health services.


Mister Loo AG
Wehntalerstrasse 20
8157 Dielsdorf, Switzerland
Email: contact@misterloo.com

Andreas Wanner – Owner and Co-Founder
Previous work assignments include 4 years with Deutsche Bank in Switzerland and China and +5 years with UBS Corporate & Investment Banking in Switzerland

Dominik Schuler – Owner and Co-Founder
Previous work assignments include 4 years with UBS Investment Banking in Switzerland and 2 years with KPMG Corporate Finance and Bank Sal. Oppenheim Structured Products.

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